Hi! I'm Mirka

I’m born and raised in Slovakia where I finished my first university degree in Veterinary Medicine (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM). I also hold the Post-Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health from the University of London (Royal Veterinary College), UK, and a Masters in Business and Administration from the Open University, UK.

I discovered my love and passion for science at the age of 10 in the chemistry class. Since then, the evolvement of science and technology showed me that everything is possible, it is just a matter of time and patience. Seeing the innovation comes to life from the discovery, proof of concept, product development, scientific data generation, interpretation, and alignment with regulatory requirements and legislation to obtaining the marketing authorization is a fascinating process and it brings me a lot of joy to be a part of it by using my knowledge and expertise.

I am an Expert with the extensive food chain and pharma legislation experience delivering full life cycle projects within public and private sector environments across the EU and global region. Widely experienced in assisting clients/various stakeholders to understand EU & US legislation, overcome regulatory barriers, and prepare registration dossiers, which comply with the latest EC, EMA, FDA, and EFSA requirements.

I have over 16-year proven record of leading, managing, and supporting multi-functional teams; creating robust strategies; obtaining marketing authorizations, developing cohesive teams; a strong ability to engage multiple stakeholders and resolving disparate agendas; and in-depth knowledge of food, pharma, and regulatory requirements.

I have been working with 3 of the Top 5 Animal Health/Pharma companies at a global level. My clients vary from start-up to big international corporations. So far, I lived in 5 different countries – Slovakia, UK, Spain, USA, Austria, and speak 5 languages.

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